Flor del Olivo Natural Cosmetics is a project based on a firm idea that nature provides everything we need and that we must learn to make use of it. Our unique location, set amid mountains and reservoirs, provides a broad range of therapeutic, aromatic, curative and nutritive possibilities that are perfect for top-quality natural products that protect the environment.

Flor del Olivo Natural Cosmetics focuses on developing herbal cosmetics. We extract essential oils from plants and optimise their active ingredients for specific skin concerns. All our products are designed to increase and strengthen the action of each ingredient. As a company, we are intent on producing 100% natural cosmetics that are safe for humans, protect nature and make a contribution to society.

Our star product: OLIVE OIL. Olive oil is an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, but it is more than that. Olive oil has hydrating and antioxidant properties. Its high vitamin E content nourishes and revitalises skin. It also cleanses, regenerates and delays skin ageing by combating the free radicals that are largely responsible for ageing skin. The ancient Greeks bathed in pure olive oil and the Romans used it to make soap perfumed with rose petals and laurel leaves.

Social commitment: We are committed to a sustainable economy and have deep respect for people and their different characteristics. Therefore, we also support many social initiatives.

We manufacture in Spain, thereby supporting local suppliers and boosting economic growth in our area.

Our Philosophy

Most of our products are based on the Olive Oil produced in our area, which has been awarded for being one of the world's best Extra Virgin olive oils. Its benefits include antioxidants, nutrients, moisturisers and skin protectors, in addition to making skin supple.


However, olive oil is not our only great ingredient. We also use Argan oil and Aloe Vera in most of our formulas. Our local climate supports a broad range of aromatic, curative plants that are perfect for our products and a source of fresh aromas. They also boast therapeutic and cleansing properties.

To bring our products to perfection, we also add carefully selected organic essences to pamper your skin as you deserve. We believe in Nature and all that is natural, so we do not add mineral oils, colouring, parabens, paraffin or animal fat to our products.

Day-to-day life has made us lose sight of a philosophy of life that would enable us to enjoy the tranquillity and well-being we have lost. We need to rediscover nature and natural textures and aromas that bring us peace of mind, helping us to be more positive and regulate our energy.

Exposure to natural settings restores the brain’s ability to concentrate and become more focused. Nature also provides the benefits of mental and emotional health.

Our products are made with natural and biological ingredients. Our cosmetics are not tested on animals and we use no animal extracts. Our manufacturing process protects the environment. We never use agents that cause pollution.

Our R&D Department conducts a continuous search for excellence and quality. We are in constant development to gain our customers’ trust.

Our products are presented in airless containers to ensure maximum protection, minimal exposure to external air, oxidation and contamination. All our containers can be recycled and we use eco-friendly packaging.

Every day our bodies receive toxic and chemical agents from many sources, including food and the air we breathe. Naturally you are aware that anything you apply to your skin goes directly into your blood, so it is a good idea to acquire healthier habits. Natural cosmetics can help you to do that.

Welcome to the world of natural cosmetics, on a tour that goes beyond perfumes, textures, the pleasure of feeling fresh and well-being. It is the power to experience the powerful natural aromas hidden in a multitude of plants. Aromas that attract bees to flowers and that make us stop to smell a rose, jasmine, rosemary and thyme. These are the delicate aromas that envelop us in comforting sensations.


We use our extra virgin olive oil as a base and combine it with the best natural products in our area to obtain natural cosmetics that provide many healthy properties for your body. It is impossible to list all the benefits, but we give you a summary here.

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